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❄️ ASAN December Update ❄️

ASAN December Newsletter Dear friends, 2022 is nearly here! Thank you for spending 2021 with us, fighting for a better world for the whole disability community. During the course of this year, you’ve seen how your continued support keeps our organization going. We’ve sent you updates about our events...

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For Whose Benefit?: Evidence, Ethics, and Effectiveness of Autism Interventions

There are many therapies for autism, along with a significant amount of funding for research, development, and implementation of these therapies. However, it often remains unclear whether these therapies actually help autistic people. Autistic people rarely have a voice in creating and shaping these therapies, and there is very...

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Functioning Labels Harm Autistic People

On December 6th, a group of autism researchers commissioned by The Lancet released a report on the future of autism services and research. This report primarily deals with the need for better services and research for autistic people, including the need for individualized services, and research that prioritizes quality...

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🏠 Action Alert: Pass the Build Back Better Act #HCBSCantWait 🏠

2022 is a chance to do big things, starting with the largest federal investment yet in home- and community-based services (HCBS). HCBS allows people with disabilities to live safely in our homes with the services we need to thrive, rather than dangerous congregate settings. The Build Back Better Act...

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ASAN Statement on Updated Autism Diagnosis Numbers

Today, the Centers for Disease Control released the Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Monitoring (ADDM) Network report. This report estimates how many autistic 8 year olds there are in certain areas of the country. The report shows that better recognition of autism and continued efforts to reduce racial and gender...

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🍂 ASAN November Update 🍂

Dear friends, In this time of giving thanks, we’re grateful for your continued support. We have a lot of great updates to share with you as we get ready to close out another year of advocacy. First, we are pleased and excited to share with you our Equity and...

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All Aboard!: ASAN’s 2021 Annual Report

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a national grassroots disability rights organization run by and for Autistic Americans, advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of Autistic people are heard in policy debates and the halls of power. Our staff work to educate communities and improve public...

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ASAN’s Equity & Strategic Plans

Since the beginning of 2020, ASAN has been engaged in a formal process to examine our internal structures and practices, and develop a plan to embed equity and racial justice in our work and organizational culture. We are excited to share this plan with you! This equity plan explains...

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🍁 ASAN September Update 🍁

Dear friends, As we see seasonal coffees become available and the leaves start to turn color, fall is truly here. This time of year is always quite packed for the policy world, and this fall is no exception. Here are some of the issues we’ve been taking on this...

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🏖️ ASAN August Update 🏖️

ASAN August Newsletter Dear friends, As #WeActAugust winds down, we wanted to thank you for choosing to take action and fight for disabled folks’ right to participate fully and safely in the community. You’ve done great work making sure our community’s voice is heard. Going forward, we will keep...

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