What is Structural Racism?

When systems that people made discriminate against people because of their race, we call that structural racism. Structural racism is built into our systems — that means systems that are built racist, stay racist. While laws change, structural racism still exists in new and old ways. But when racism is hidden, it’s hard to prove it’s happening. That’s why it’s so important to talk about and actively work against structural racism. “What is Structural Racism?” explains how structural racism exists in the US today and the ongoing work to get rid of it.

This toolkit answers questions like:

  • What is race?
  • What is a social construct?
  • What is “racism” versus “structural racism”?
  • What are some ways we see structural racism in the U.S. today?

And more.

“What is Structural Racism?”  is available in two versions:

  • an Easy Read edition that uses pictures and large text
  • a Plain Language version without accompanying graphics

There is also a video version of “What is Structural Racism?” available here.

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