Foundations for Inclusive Advocacy

Fighting for Fairness: it starts with you!

Everyone should be able to access and learn from conversations about systemic discrimination. But information about these concepts isn’t always presented in an accessible way. Fighting for Fairness: it starts with you! is a first step to making these conversations accessible to all. We created it to support self-advocates with intellectual disabilities to participate in societal conversations about oppression and equity. This toolkit provides easy-to-understand explanations of societal discrimination and definitions of some words used to talk about different forms of oppression.  

This toolkit will explain:

  • Respectful ways to learn about new people, like their names and pronouns
  • How stereotypes hurt people, and how to avoid them
  • How society, and individual people, discriminate against many different groups
  • The importance of listening to people about discrimination

And more.

We are grateful to the self-advocates, including self-advocates of color, and anti-racism educators who worked with us to develop this toolkit. This toolkit is only a first step towards making information about systemic inequality accessible to everyone.

The toolkit is available in two versions:

Our Easy Read edition. The Easy Read version uses pictures along with large text, and has more white space.

A Plain Language version without accompanying graphics.

There is also a discussion guide. You can use the guide with self-advocacy groups, or you can talk with friends or family. The guide has questions that will help you think more about systemic inequality and fighting for fairness.

This resource was made possible by the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

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A Curriculum for Self Advocates

Produced in 2015 by ASAN, National Youth Leadership Network, Self Advocates Becoming Empowered, and the Sibling Leadership Network, A Curriculum for Self Advocates covers many introductory topics including ableism, neurodiversity, meetings and accommodations, supporters and advisors, and more!