a line drawing of two hands shaking by Aidan Jones

What is an Ally?

by Kassiane S. Hang around any civil rights type discussion for any length of time and you’ll hear talk of allies. Not allies like “the…

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Happy Holidays from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

From our Navigating College handbook to our Symposium with Harvard Law School on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Autism Research, this has been an exciting year for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. We celebrated our fifth anniversary, engaged in advocacy on critical issues

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Thank You! For a Great Evening…

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s 5-Year Anniversary Celebration was a wonderful event for all who attended, including those who made the evening possible. Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

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ASAN’s 5-Year Anniversary Celebration

The five-year anniversary of the founding of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network is right around the corner, and we’re inviting our supporters to join us for a celebration and fundraising event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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To Old Friends and Family

An essay by Melody Latimer. When I speak of Autism, please know I love your support and understanding. When I speak of my Autistic children, please know I understand them very well because I’ve been diagnosed myself. When I speak of the current state of things, please know I am happy with my life and my children, but know there’s already room for improvement.

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