Call for Submissions: Tell us about getting the COVID-19 vaccine!

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ASAN is asking for videos of self-advocates talking about getting the COVID-19 vaccine!

COVID-19 changed the way we live. We do things differently to stay safe from COVID-19. We stay in our homes a lot. We have to wear masks when we go out. It can be harder to get the services we need.  

The COVID-19 vaccine is our best way to stay safe from COVID-19! The COVID-19 vaccine is a shot that keeps people from getting sick with COVID-19. Learn more about the vaccine here!

The vaccine helps protect us from Covid-19. The vaccine helps protect our family, friends and communities. Some people can’t get the vaccine because of their disabilities. Kids under 12 can’t get the vaccine yet. People who can’t get the vaccine are counting on everyone else to get vaccinated to keep them safe.

COVID-19 is especially dangerous to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — but too often, the facts about COVID-19 are not shared in ways that are accessible to us.

Our community needs resources that everyone can understand about the vaccine. The vaccine can seem scary. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to get the vaccine. Stories about self-advocates getting the vaccine can help! You can learn what getting the vaccine is like. 

We are asking self-advocates to tell us about getting the vaccine. These stories will help other self-advocates! You can record a short video telling us about getting the vaccine. You can also tell us about signing up for the vaccine.

We will combine the videos together and share with our community! Getting the vaccine can seem scary, but by helping our community learn more, we can help each other to stay safe! 

How to participate:

  • You can record on your phone or computer! You can record yourself or ask someone to record you. 
  • Talk about your vaccine experience for 1-3 minutes

If you are struggling to know what to talk about, here are some questions you can answer –

  • Why is it important to get the vaccine?
  • What steps did you take to get vaccinated?
  • What was the day you got vaccinated like?
  • Where did you go?
  • Who gave you the shot? A doctor or nurse?
  • How did you feel after receiving the vaccine?

For help with filming you can refer to our tip sheet!

Email us at if you have any questions.