Your vote is your voice! Make sure you’re registered today!

Nothing About Us Without Us

It’s National Disability Voter Registration Week! Everything from education funding to curb cuts to health care is affected by public policies, and voting is a hugely important way to have a say in those policies. That’s why it’s so important that all people with disabilities make our voices heard by registering to vote.

Voting allows us to make a difference in our communities in a direct way. One of the ways you can do this is by voting for someone who works on the issues you care about. Then they’ll be able to make changes that matter. Registering to vote makes sure that when election season comes, you’re ready to rock the vote.

If you’re a new voter, are curious about what it’s like to vote with a disability, or want more accessible information on voting, check out our videos, made with our friends at National Disability Rights Network! These videos provide plain-language, picture-assisted information about election day and voting with a disability.

If you need accessible information about registering to vote in your state, or if you’re not sure whether your state allows you to vote, check out ASAN’s Easy Read 50 state guide for more information. If your state requires a voter ID, and you need help getting one, check out VoteRiders. For more great information about voting with a disability, check out our voting resource list, REV UP, or SABE’s GoVoter Project!
We can make change when we use the power of our vote. We can equip our country with  leaders who will take on the issues that are impacting our lives and our communities. When we vote, we make it clear–nothing about us, without us! Thanks for joining us for National Disability Voter Registration Week!