joint letters

photo of Massachusetts State House

Joint Letter to the Massachusetts Conference Committee

We are writing as concerned members of the disability community to urge you to give your support to Amendment #548, which bans the use of electric shock aversive “therapy,” as contained in the Senate FY 13 Budget We ask that this be included in the FY 13 Budget Conference Committee Report.

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Joint Letter on Cross-Disability Representation in Designating Medically Underserved Populations

People with Disabilities Are Medically Underserved: We need to assure adequate numbers of primary care providers are trained to treat the population of people with disabilities; people with disabilities from across the disability community have access to adequate primary care; and funding is available for research and programs to end the health disparities people with disabilities face.

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Call for Action to End the Judge Rotenberg Center and Aversives

Joint Letter Seeking Government Action Against Judge Rotenberg Center: 29 disability organizations concerned with the humane treatment of people with disabilities have contacted U.S. government departments and human rights organizations regarding the need to put an end to abusive practices at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

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