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ASAN Statement on the Attempted Murder of Issy Stapleton

The following statement was released by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in response to the recent attempted murder of Issy Stapleton, an autistic teenager in Michigan. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is profoundly concerned by a growing trend in the media and on the part of certain autism groups...

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Calling People the R word

by Alyssa Trigger Warning: R-slur as an insult, discussion of such (censored except in quotations and in a screen shot.) This is how we begin, sort of: I say sort of because this isn’t really a beginning, it’s a reflection. It’s a reflection of what we as a society...

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The Debate About Euthanasia

by Lateef H McLeod on DisabilityRightNow Recently there has been a resurgence of debate of whether or not euthanasia is a viable ethical option for people with disabilities. Proponents of euthanasia stress that since all Americans have the right to life and have the authority of how to end...

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Killing Words

by Zoe Gross Let me present to you a sequence of events. On March 6th, a 22-year-old autistic man named George Hodgins was murdered in Sunnyvale, California. His mother, Elizabeth, pulled out a gun, shot him point-blank, and then killed herself. In the following days and weeks, journalists wrote...

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ASAN Statement on the Exclusion of Tyler Long’s Autism Spectrum Diagnosis from the Documentary Bully

Over the course of the last several years, growing public attention to issues of bullying – driven in part by the tragic suicides of a number of students subject to bullying and harassment in schools – have helped to drive greater focus by policymakers, educators and the public to...

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Help Us Fight Back Against Autism Speaks’ Attempts to Speak For Us!

Protests Planned Against Autism Speaks: ASAN is preparing a joint letter from the disability community in response to the horrific statements in the "I am Autism" video. In addition, our activists and allies are organizing protests to confront Autism Speaks' fundraising efforts....

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ASAN’s Response to Dr. Tony Attwood

Dr. Tony Attwood Provides Inadequate Reply: After ASAN called on him to disassociate himself from hate groups, Dr. Attwood replied with only a form letter, sent to numerous recipients, which wholly failed to address his associations with Maxine Aston and FAAAS and the ongoing harm to Autistics and others...

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Tell Tony Attwood to End the Hate: Autistic People Deserve Equality in Family Law and Relationships

Petition Against Hate Groups: ASAN has prepared a petition calling on Dr. Tony Attwood and Dr. Isabelle Hénault to disassociate themselves from hate groups promoting stereotypes and libels that seek to encourage discrimination against Autistic people in family law and relationships....

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ACTION ALERT: Ad Boycott against The Savage Nation and Talk Radio Networks

Ad Boycott Urged: With the support of other disability rights organizations, ASAN has issued an Action Alert urging those outraged by Michael Savage's hateful remarks to contact the sponsors of Talk Radio Networks and the Savage Nation. ...

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