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ASAN Condemns Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
Action Alert: Congress has the power to #StopTheShock
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and Its Implications for Reproductive, Civil, and Disability Rights
Our Bodies, Our Rights: What’s Going On at the Supreme Court?

☀️ ASAN May Update ☀️

ASAN May Newsletter Dear friend, This has been a difficult month. Our community’s resilience was on full display as we continue to fight to #StopTheShock, access health care, stay safe from the pandemic, and exercise our civil rights. The Supreme Court’s recent actions can and will dramatically curtail the human rights of people with disabilities….

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🛎️ ASAN April Update 🛎️

ASAN April Newsletter Dear friend, Acceptance is an action! This month, we took action to make sure autism acceptance goes beyond April. To mark Autism Acceptance Month 2022, ASAN released a statement on genetic research and autism. Written in plain language, this statement gives background information on autism research, lays out ASAN’s concerns about genetic…

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